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MoodleCloud Webinar Series

MoodleCloud is a full-featured online long-distance Learning Management System (LMS) that any NSP Instructor can easily turn on and quickly create a course. It’s FREE for 45-days while you determine that you can set up an effective course (no credit card required).

There are many ways to use the MoodleCloud tool. You can set up your Cloud School — just make up a name — such as Blue Mtn. Ski Patrol:

BlueMtnSkiPatrol.MoodleCloud.COM (example)

Teach your course for 45-days, credit your students, and let Moodle shut it down until next year. Or you can layout an OEC course over 12 weeks, with multiple types of . . .

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A New Look at Online Learning for Ski Patrols

NSP Instructors are making plans for new ways of teaching, considering the pandemic. The uncertainties brought by Coronavirus/COVID19 concerns are worrying NSP educational programs. At every level, NSP Instructors are brainstorming ways to prepare for teaching...

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OET Chosen to Beta Test Patroller School Event Registrations

Outdoor Emergency Transportation, also known as OET, has been chosen by the Eastern Division Board of Directors as the beta testing program for the new Patroller School Event Management System. The system is designed to provide members and affiliates with a simple to search and easy to purchase educational course website. The goal is to help Ski Patrollers locate the type of courses they might be seeking for professional development and to get them registered and into the class with confirmation.

The Avalanche Program will also be participating in this first season beta test. Both programs were chosen because they operate the largest two fee-based educational programs within Eastern Division. One of the hallmarks for smoothing the customer’s purchasing experience is to provide Credit Card processing. This way students do not need to worry about mailing in checks or application forms. Everything related to purchasing and preparing for an NSP course will now be handled instantly online — from selecting choices to finalizing payments. The Event Management System processes participant’s registrations and sends an email confirmation receipt with everything a student requires to get started with their course. Those taking Avalanche courses

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Simplifying the Customer Experience is “Patroller School’s” Mission

On Sunday, April 29th the Eastern Division Board of Directors inaugurated Patroller School as the official Event Registration website for members seeking Division level training events. PatrollerSchoool.ORG will now be the centralized website where Eastern Division NSP Programs will be able to post their course offerings and event registrations on a single easy to navigate website.

The goal of the new Patroller School site is to help members and the public to review course choices, select options, and experience a simplified purchasing experience. Integrated with a modern e-commerce system, the website is designed to guide Patrollers, offer suggestions for travel and lodging, then send customers to a credit card payment system when ready to purchase.

An email confirmation accompanies each Patrollers purchase. It includes all information required before

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Patroller School goes Division-wide

Patroller Schools have been an Eastern Division NSP organically grown phenomenon for almost ten years. EMARI Region celebrated their thirtieth year teaching such events at Sunday River, Maine during the 2018 winter season. Eastern Pennsylvania Region has run similar events at Elk Mountain for just as long. But the official name of Patroller School appeared nine years ago when Terry Randolf developed the first weekend Ski Patrol training event at Killington Vermont.

Terry and the Southern Vermont Region coined the name “Patroller School” and integrated the fusion between recertifying Instructors with the demands of regular patrollers looking for educational seminars. Since then, all other large weekend based events have switched their name and their format to follow .

Patroller School has become a traditional weekend event for hundreds of Eastern Division NSP members looking for an opportunity to train at large mountain resorts. The draw for Patrollers has been two-fold: seeking an opportunity to train on more difficult terrain and creating freinships with Ski Patrollers for all over the Division. Many of the smaller

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