Select your days at Sugarloaf ME Patroller School. Choose the event that best describes the education you are seeking. The OET training events are $42.50 each day (Boyne Pass holders receive a discount), which covers the cost of instruction and lift tickets.  Don’t forget to add the POTLUCK ticket to your purchase cart and describe the dish you are preparing to share.

Friday January 25



A full day of testing that will run candidates through the all the OET components of the exam. This test is designed to determine if a candidate has the abilities to preform OET skills at a “Certified Level.” The Certified Pre-Test is a prerequisite in order to be eligible to take the exam in March and Killington Patroller School is the last Pre-Test of the season.

Saturday January 26


Snowboard Riding Enhancement Seminar

A seminar focused on optimizing Snowboard riding skills enhancement

Skiing Enhancement Seminar

A seminar for skiers, focused on optimizing ski technique

Sunday January 27


Snowboard Toboggan Handling Seminar

A seminar focused on optimizing Snowboard toboggan handling technique

Toboggan Handling Seminar for Skiers

A seminar for skiers, focused on optimizing toboggan handling technique

WOMEN'S Skiing Skills Enhancement and Toboggan Handling Seminar

A two-day Women only seminar, taught by women Instructors, designed to nurture great toboggan handling performance and enhance skiing techniques

Trainer-Evaluator (TE) Certification and Recertification

A two-day evaluation event for those training to become full TE’s or need to re-certify to keep their TE current

POTLUCK Dinner -- immediately after the On-Snow events

“Come join us for a great slopeside dinner. Don’t forget to BYOB.”  Saturday, January 26th!

Lodging and Accommodations:  Lodging is the responsibility of each individual Patroller or gather a group and pick up a Condo.   Please call Sugarloaf Resort to make arrangements at the discounted price.  Discounts ending on December 28th, plan ahead to lock in your price.  Please call Sugarloaf Resort Reservations at 800-843-5623 and ask for the “NSP Eastern Division” prices.  Download this Sugarloaf Lodging Worksheet and call reservations.

Sugarloaf Resort Lodging

Ask for the “NSP Eastern Division” rate

Hotel Alcove $147.00
Hotel Superior – Queen Bed $169.00
Hotel Superior – 2 Queen Beds $189.00
Hotel One Bedroom Suite $256.00
Hotel One Bedroom Suite $435.00
Hotel Penthouse $758.00
Condo Studio $169.00
Condo One Bedroom $189.00
Condo Two Bedroom $280.00
Condo Three Bedroom $355.00
Condo Four Bedroom $425.00
Condo Five Bedroom $490.00

Lodging rates subject to Maine State tax of 9%. And 4% facility fee.  A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation.  Consult Sugarloaf Reservations agent regarding lodging details and fine print.

Sugarloaf Discount Pricing for Lodging ends on:

December 28th — please plan ahead…

Staff Check-In Required

Division Staff Members and TE’s volunteering to teach for Patroller School must CHECK-IN so that we can plan the teams teaching Patroller School attendees.  Patroller School is free to those volunteering to teach.  Fill out the form, submit and confirm that you are available to work.