The NSP Certified Program is a performance-based leadership program that provides an opportunity for patrollers to learn, mentor, and be tested on critical patroller skills/knowledge.  The Certified program has a distinguished history, with many of its members serving in National, Division, Regional, and Local patrol leadership positions committed to giving back, fostering learning, and progressing core patroller skills over the years. Success in the Certified program is hard-earned, requiring a real commitment to mastering multiple patrol-related disciplines, often over multiple years and across regions/divisions, to gain a vast and deep knowledge/skill base.

What:  Certified Boot Camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania features rustic camping with like-minded Ski Patrollers looking to learn about the Certified program. The goal this season is “Individual Initiative.” We all need to refresh our skill sets and set the tone for individuals initiating their Certified training. The activities of focus for Boot Camp 2023 are:

  • Lift Evacuation – Awareness of AERG – Aerial Evacuation Resource Guide
  • Outdoor Risk Management
  • Avalanche
  • Low Angle Rescue
  • OEC assessment, skills, and MCI scenarios

Candidates: Those entering as Certified Candidates must prepare First Aid Packs

Avalanche (AVY): If you have them: beacon, probe, shovel.
Bring a copy of two avalanche forecasts.

Low Angle Rescue (LAR): The LAR station will have the following options:

  1. A LAR system set up to review and discussion
  2. Knot tying
  3. Certified practical LAR exam station w no guidance for critique and feedback (for folks ready to take Certified Exam)
  4. Coaching station for those who need help and have never done it before.  This may be part of station 1, depending on the need.

We will also have the ability to do mock-up interviews so participants can get a flavor of questions they may expect at the exam.

Knots correctly tied, dressed, and tight.

  1. Bachman knot
  2. Figure-8 on-a-bight and Figure-8 follow-through
  3. Double Fisherman’s or Grapevine knot
  4. Prusik Hitch
  5. Water Knot
  6. Münter or Italian Hitch secured with a Münter Mule
  7. Clove Hitch

Life Evacuation (LE):  Get a copy of the AERG Manual, or borrow a patrol copy and review it before attending

  • Bring lift evac equipment you are comfortable using if you want detailed feedback on your area’s LE process.
  • Buff up on Lift Evacuation and lift terminology.  Spend some time on the equipment your area does NOT have
  • Be prepared to discuss nonstandard lift evacuation processes or events in a group discussion to help make yourself a more well-rounded patroller as it pertains to lift evacuation.
  • Bring your area’s lift evacuation policy/process if you have access to it and want to discuss in preparation for an evaluation.

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC):

Sled/Gear bags, backboards, patrol packs, traction splints, and anything else that you want to bring first aid related. Hint – Gloves….. we train with gloves – reality becomes second nature.

Those patrollers interested in “playing” in OEC must have an ICS 100 Certificate or their ICS 100 course recorded on their NSP educational profile. Bring your Certificate of Completion or a printout of your Educational Profile to check in.

How:  The leadership team has designed a format to give participants feedback and actions to train on.  The PISE feedback as a general rule, followed by WHAT, WHO, and WHERE.  WHAT specific areas need improvement, WHO can help train participants, WHERE are those people based, and WHERE are the articles, clauses, and information to increase learning?  It is almost impossible to attend a weekend event and be prepared to take the Certified exam; the goal is to increase knowledge and promote training with team members. Each component will have a different challenge based on that topic. Please come prepared for a great weekend. More to come as the weekend unfolds.

Why:  To gain confidence in your patrol skills and have the opportunity to practice with Certified patrollers

Who: Certified candidates, Chucks Team (interested patrollers), YAPs, and Family members.

Overall Agenda…………….
We provide Breakfast Saturday and Sunday Mornings
Dinner Saturday Night
Bonfire – FUN

Friday – Evening review of ICS, and Credentials

Saturday – OEC training, surveys, and assessments

Sunday – LAR, LE, ORM, AVY in hour-long rotations, Done by 3 pm.

What to Bring……………..
Pot Luck meal Saturday night, please bring a food item to pass.
Whatever you want to drink for the weekend
Tents, sleeping bags, etc..

Please arrive with the desire to learn and a positive mental attitude!

The leadership team and various program Chairpeople have literally been working and planning this for months.  Bimonthly planning sessions, scheduling, program delivery, team building, OEC scenarios, and OEC planning.  It literally takes a ton of people put events like this together.  Please read ALL of the language and information put forth.  Your 10% gain in knowledge represents a 50% effort on YOUR part to prepare for events like this.  The remaining 40% of growth and learning comes from actually mentoring and training on the hill.  We have taken the terrain and temps out of the weekend to give you the opportunity to drill down on specifics.  Please come prepared!


  • Boot Camp
     August 18, 2023 - August 20, 2023
     12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


Mt Bethel, Pennsylvania, 18343, United States