MoodleCloud is a full-featured online long-distance Learning Management System (LMS) that any NSP Instructor can easily turn on and quickly create a course.  It’s FREE for 45-days while you determine that you can set up an effective course (no credit card required).

There are many ways to use the MoodleCloud tool.  You can set up your Cloud School — just make up a name — such as Blue Mtn. Ski Patrol:

BlueMtnSkiPatrol.MoodleCloud.COM   (example)

Teach your course for 45-days, credit your students, and let Moodle shut it down until next year.  Or you can layout an OEC course over 12 weeks, with multiple types of student-teacher interactions, guided self-paced weekly lessons, automated assessments that compile a course guidebook, with student management and a well thought out course curriculum model.  Moodle brings the automation, you bring the planning and creativity!  Pay the $50 annual fee, and benefit from teaching it again, and again in future seasons.

Moodle is the second oldest worldwide LMS.  It has the deepest collection of teaching features since it came out of the University Online Learning industry.  MoodleCloud has been technologically simplified and re-positioned as a service for nontechnical teachers and built with an intuitive environment for creating courses.

The Eastern Division Moodle Users  Group is available to help guide any NSP Instructors interested in exploring a move of a portion (or all) of their OEC courses to a full-featured affordable LMS.


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