Request NEW Toboggan Instructor Appointments

. . . after successful “Final Observations” by an IT,  a signed Mentoring Form and Application is required.

Report Toboggan Instructor TTW Attendance

Fill out this form for local Toboggan Instructor TTW Re-Cert Courses. TE’s must use the 3-year SELF-REPORTING form.

OET TE Teaching Observation

Division OET Staff must fill out the TE Teaching Observation Form.  Use your phone to complete it during the observation.

New Toboggan Instructor Final Observations

Discover the two most common methods for conducting Final Observations

TE Self Reporting 3-Year Re-Certification

TE’s have a 3-year path for re-certification.  No more Patroller School attendance required. Review the three requirements.

OET Quality Assurance Report

The Senior Evaluation QUALITY ASSURANCE Form has been put online for convenience and consistency.

OET Senior Evaluation Guidelines **NEW**

Download a copy of this info in the form of a manual


Eastern Division OET Program has moved its Instructor data to SmartSheet.COM, a flat file data management, and collaboration tool. The purpose of parking the data there is to take advantage of multi-user collaboration and to provide a logging interface that tracks submissions.

RA’s and Instructor Trainers (IT) will be required to log in to a free SmartSheet account to view the Division records.  Those who support their local Region’s Instructors will be able to access the database, locate important Instructor data, and submit changes based on the re-certification courses run at the Regional level.

Three primary functions are granted within the SmartSheet pages:

  1. Viewing TE and Instructor Status
  2. Adding new Instructors after “Final Observations”
  3. Submitting  Instructor re-certifications

A fourth function requiring the maintenance of Trainer-Evaluators (TE’s), will be taken care of by Steering Committee staff members. TE’s are required to re-certify their credentials at an official Division OET sponsored “Patroller School” event. TE’s must sign up, attend and officially request NSP Course Credit to successfully re-certify their “Evaluator” grading credentials.

An RA or a designated IT can review Eastern Division’s Toboggan Instructor, IT, TE and staff appointments. RA’s should annually review the individuals within their Regions for accuracy and contact individuals with pending expirations.  NSP’s Instructor expirations are automated and will occur on December 31st of the year listed.  NSP will not reverse expirations without Instructors meeting all the re-certification criteria.  Please communicate this to your regional Instructors.

Review the list, watch the STATUS column.  It appears as a symbol based on a traffic light. Please review the status and contact each Instructor who requires action to stay current.  The colors represent the following status:

  • GREEN = Instructor in good standing
  • YELLOW = Instructor has one season for Re-Certification before NSP’s automated expiration takes effect
  • RED = Steering Committee is actively working on updates or corrections
  • GRAY = Expired Instructor but still a member of NSP

The Instructor Records are displayed in a Flat-File Collaborative Database similar to a spreadsheet, called GRID VIEW.  To get maximum utility from viewing the information, RA’s get to utilize the following features:

  1. GRID VIEW = the classic row by row spreadsheet of information
  2. CARD VIEW = used when you need contact information on any individual in the database
  3. SORT ROWS… = right click on any column heading and re-sort the entire view to suit your needs
  4. FILTER… = should be used after sorting the sheet, it can be used to eliminate all the info of non-interest
  5. HIGHLIGHT CHANGES = can be used when collaborating with Steering who updates and corrects information
  6. PRINT = printing snapshots of the data relevant to the operation of your region staff is available
  7. EXPORT… = the data can be exported for use in the region, but remember that all exports are “Unofficial,” use this feature with care
  8. NOTIFICATION = notifications can be crafted so that Steering updates will be emailed immediately on a per change basis

If anything is missing, or you find inaccuracies, please contact OET RECORDS by email.  Or fill out a TECH SUPPORT form found below.  The Steering Committee members in charge of maintaining the records will all receive your submission.  Tech Support is an excellent way to communicate because logging your submission will generate a ticking time-clock for faster resolution.

Only OET Steering Committee can teach an STW required for Re-Certification of Trainer-Evaluators. Encourage your staff TE’s to register on Patroller School for TE STW Con Ed courses, because they are the final requirement needed in the TE Self Reporting list.  NSP expirations are automated, so expiring TE’s will lose their Instructor appointment and will no longer be able to open courses without following the Self-Reporting process.  If a TE no longer wants to re-certify their evaluator privileges, they may re-certify as an OET Toboggan Instructor at any qualifying Regional event.

RA’s or their designated IT’s process Instructor Re-Certification updates by using the form at the top of this page, to submit re-certification data.  Each existing Toboggan Instructor must attend a Regional TTW which includes an ID Continuing Ed in combination with that course.  Toboggan Instructors are entitled to credit for that Instructor Re-Certifying TTW.  Download the Eastern Division OET TTW Course Guideline to ensure that re-certified Instructors meet all the required criteria.   Instructor Re-Certifications need to be processed in APRIL of every year, based on the new NSP April reporting schedule. Everything has shifted to an April first reporting deadline.  Please wrap up your courses and final observations immediately to be on time.  If questions persist, please contact the Division OET Supervisor directly.

Expired Instructor Re-Certification PARADOX

All OET Regional Advisors, please check your Instructor’s records during the moth of May.  All Re-Certifications and New Instructor Appointments must be received by the first of April.  Instructor terms officially expire on April 30th. 

If the re-certification paperwork was not received by April first, National will expire these TE’s and IT’s.  Only the RA can correct this situation, by requesting an Audit of records be conducted by the Assistant Supervisor. A favorab;le finding will lead to re-instating the Instructor or TE.

If you need an Instructor or TE re-appointed, please contact the Division OET Supervisor directly or the Assistant OET Supervisor to conduct a records audit.

RA’s or their designated IT’s who completed a Final Observation for a new Toboggan Instructor must process the request with supporting documentation scanned electronically, using one of the data entry forms found in the reporting tiles at the top of this page.   

Each New Toboggan Instructor must teach at a FINAL OBSERVATION event where an Instructor Trainer decides if they are to be recommended to the Division OET Supervisor for a full appointment. 

New Instructor Certifications are officially processed in early April after the winter season has ended.   These forms are forwarded to NSP during the April time period and scrutinized to ensure that the new Instructors have met all requirements.

RA’s and their Instructor Trainers seeking information for structuring OET Instructor Mentoring and Final Observations can review the Eastern Division guidelines:

Mentoring and Observing OET Instructor Trainee’s

Need Help?

Fill out the Tech Support Ticket Request found below

Eastern Division is dedicated to providing excellent Technical Support to its Division based IOR’s and RA’s.  We are a volunteer organization and are not always available by telephone when you need help.  However, we are determined to resolve your issue quickly.  Please fill out the form below describing your issue with as much detail as possible.  We will contact you with a solution as quickly as we can resolve it.  Thank you for being patient.

Don’t forget that problems encountered during courses, clinics, events, and evaluations can be emailed directly to the Division NSP Supervisor responsible for that particular event.  Please consider contacting the responsible Supervisor.

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