How to access OET Records

Eastern Division OET Program has moved its Instructor data to OET Records found at Patroller School. OET Records is a web app where both Division Staff and individual Toboggan Instructors can track continuing education and professional development activities required for maintaining certification.  Accumulating the required activities within the three-year re-certification period determines whether National will re-certify Instructors.

All levels of OET Instructors may log in and view their Instructor activity records.  Two kinds of records will be displayed.  Self-reported activities are those that help individuals track attendance at professional development events so that OET Staff can see Instructor self-directed participation efforts.  The other records that appear are submitted by OET Staff who may have been assigned to observe an Instructor teach courses and lessons or participate in STW or TTW  clinics, which qualified as an “official” re-certification event.

If you are an instructor, please participate with Eastern Division’s OET Staff to collaboratively maintain your ongoing Instructor continuing education and certification:


How To Access Your Account

Every OET Instructor assigned to an Eastern Division patrol unit has an account on OET Records. Patrollers who transfer into the Eastern Division should contact the OET Supervisor to help transfer information maintained by their outgoing division so they can remain current and up-to-date. National will automatically expire Instructorships unless the individual transitions their division-maintained records.

Step One)  Locate and click the OET Records App link found in the bottom footer area of the Patroller School website.

Step Two)  The account recovery link offered is “FORGOT PASSWORD?”  Click it and provide your NSP membership email address.

Step Three)  Access your email and look for the account recovery email.  Check your spam folder if it fails to arrive.  Follow the recovery link to reset your account password.  If a recovery email never arrives, please fill out a Tech Support ticket so that we can help.

Step Four)  You are ready to log into OET Records.

Instructors and TEs can maintain their Con Ed progress

Once you log into OET Records, the app will present your Instructor’s Educational record for review and maintenance.  Below your basic information, like your email address, NSP ID number, and expiration dates, will be several red-colored TABS that categorize the information available for review depending on your Instructor level.  RAs and Instructor Trainers (ITs) will have more tabs to choose from:

The tabs report information gathered during continuing education activities. The number of tabs that appear is determined by the level of Instructor duties assigned to each member. RAs and ITs will have all the tabs, while TIs and TEs will have fewer.

The actions that a member can take are also based on the duties assigned.  Pull down the ACTIONS menu to see what actions you should be taking on your own behalf to maintain your instructor certification.

RAs and Intructor Trainers can submit applications

Regional Advisors (RAs) and Instructor Trainers (ITs) get to query the Instructor List for management purposes and have two additional ACTIONS to perform as duties.

IT status is appointed by the OET Supervisor.   These leadership oriented Instructors are given the job of managing Instructors’ continuing education.  To become an IT, an Instructor must be a Trainer-Evaluator who has shown that extra ability and desire for leadership among their peers.  Once appointed, ITs train Instructors through continuing education clinics and while conducting official “teaching observations” for re-certification.  They are required to be  available to advise those who are mentoring up-and-coming instructors, and conduct “Final Observations” when the trainees are ready to be tested. 

RAs are a supervisory type of IT who works for the Region to manage the certification of all the Instructors (including Trainer-Evaluators who work on the Region OET Staff) as well as serving the needs of local mountain Instructors.  Region ITs work for the RA, however the Division Staff assigned to each region remains available for augmenting such duties.  RAs are often appointed by the Region Director, and may not be endorsed as an official NSP IT until passing additional division-based qualifications.  New RAs should contact the Division OET Supervisor to learn about the process for becoming an IT.

RAs and ITs are charged with testing new instructor trainees once a mentoring Instructors believes they are ready.  “Final Observation” is the process that tests a trainee, then processes the proper signatures on the required NSP paper Application and Mentoring Forms.  OET Records is the official place where an IT and an RA can officially post the paperwork required for minting a new Toboggan Instructor.  Use the ACTIONS menu to select the NEW TI choice.  The two paper forms that trainees provide after being mentors should be signed then scanned separately for uploading.

RAs also need to track the re-certification of all OET toboggan Instructors within their region.  Use the INSTRUCTOR LIST and filter it for the region, to print out a complete list of Instructors under management.  OET Records will help track “upcoming expirations” so that staff members can be deployed to the local mountains to provide the con ed required for re-certification.  Toboggan Instructors are formally re-certified using a properly sanctioned Toboggan Trainers Workshop (TTW) one-day course.  Closing the course and providing NSP Course Credit is not enough to grant a re-certification to an attending Toboggan Instructor.  The IT who taught the TTW must grant a TI RECERTIFICATION using the ACTION menu on OET Records.

Division Staff submissions

OET Division Staff members are the primary backbone for managing the continued education and re-certification of Toboggan Instructors and Trainer-Evaluators throughout the division.  Division Staff recieves additional duties which show up as ACTION menu items. 

Division Staff members ate all OET Instructor Trainers.  They are responsible for performing Quality Assurance at all Regional Senior OET Exams. They are the primary TTW observers at all Patroller Schools.  Their mission also requires them to advise and consult to the Regional OET Trainer-Evaluator (TEs) Staff members to which they are assigned.  For the TEs, they conduct ongoing “Teaching Observations,” which are required for TE re-certification.  The “Teaching Observation” is a continuing education event for one individual, without requiring an NSP course or credit.  It requires launching the ACTION known as “TTW Teaching Observation” in the ACTIONS menu.  Using a smartphone the app will guide staff members through the required observations.  Guidance and Feedback are required for the TE because the observation should be run as an opportunity for providing professional development.  Think of it as a continuing education opportunity because the mission of Division Staff is to continually improve the skills of TEs and Toboggan Instructors within their region.

Some former OET Division Staff members are given EMERITUS status to continue performing the duties after they may have moved on to higher ski patrolling leadership positions.

Steering Committee submissions

Steering Committee members work directly for the Division OET Supervisor and manage the Division Staff.  Steering members are distributed throughout the division and serve the needs of their assigned regions, just like the Division Staff members, they set the standards for all OET programs, provide continuing education for Instructor Trainers and the Division Staff, and officially test future Trainer-Evaluators. 

Steering Committee members have additional ACTIONS added to the menu for promoting a Toboggan Instructor who has passed a TE Examination, as well as STW Observations for re-certifying existing TEs.  Steering Committee members manage the entire system that NSP charges the Supervisor for assuring that the OET curriculum and standards are being effectively met by all instructors at the various levels for which they are credentialed:  local mountain-based Toboggan Instructors, regional staff Trainer -Evaluators, regional level Instructor Trainers and RAs, and the 25 OET Division Staff members.  Everyone has a role to play with duties and responsibilities, OET Records is a computer app, accessible by smartphone, which helps manage the data required for maintaining Instructor certification at the highest level possible.

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