NSP’s Partnership with PSIA-AASI-East

We have established a new partnership for Eastern Division NSP members to allow participation in PSIA-East events.  The  PSIA-E Board of Directors voted to allow NSP  members to sign up for the majority of PSIA/AASI instructional events without an additional PSIA membership!  This is an awesome opportunity to refine your personal skiing or riding skills and receive instruction from the best in the business.  If you are looking to improve your knowledge of skiing, teaching, prepare to become an OET instructor or TE, ramp up your bump skiing, or get prepped for the Certified exam in the steeps and trees — then this program is for you. Events of all types are located at resorts throughout the Division.  Event details can be found on the PSIA website and fees include lift tickets!

How will it work? 
NSP members will qualify for various levels of PSIA-AASI courses similar to the way courses are opened to PSIA members based on their experience and skill level.  Most clinics offer multiple levels at the same event, if a patroller needs to be moved up to another level the instructors can make adjustments as needed.  The attached chart explains which clinics are suitable for various ski patrollers depending on their goals.

PSIA/NSP Course Recommendation Matrix

Registration for the events fills quickly.  NSP members can view the entire schedule (click here for schedule), and must register by phoning the PSIA Eastern Division Office at 518-452-6095.

In addition to course fees, NSP members will be responsible for a $25 dollar registration fee.  We ask that all members recognize the significant benefit of attending PSIA events as guests and represent us well.  If this pilot program succeeds we hope to expand the program in future years.

After concluding the PSIA-ASSI course, NSP members are entitled to credit on their educational profile.  Contact the OET Supervisor for the NSP Course Credit.  NSP members can be credited continuing ed units by taking PSIA-AASI courses as long as they communicate with the OET Supervisor.