On Sunday, April 29th the Eastern Division Board of Directors inaugurated Patroller School as the official Event Registration website for members seeking Division level training events.  PatrollerSchoool.ORG will now be the centralized website where Eastern Division NSP Programs will be able to post their course offerings and event registrations on a single easy to navigate website.

The goal of the new Patroller School site is to help members and the public to review course choices, select options, and experience a simplified purchasing experience.  Integrated with a modern e-commerce system, the website is designed to guide Patrollers, offer suggestions for travel and lodging, then send customers to a credit card payment system when ready to purchase.

An email confirmation accompanies each Patrollers purchase.  It includes all information required before arrival and sends each student the direct contact info for reaching the Instructor of Record (IOR).   Questions about preparation or textbook studying can be answered directly by the teachers and organizers.

Printing your confirmation and bring it to the event to streamline morning registration.  If you are participating in an OET Patroller School weekend event with over a hundred other NSP members,  check-in could be an easy as bar-code scanning your ticket upon arrival and being directed to your assigned group.  Fast, simple and smoothly organized s the goal of Eastern Division’s Board when inaugurating this modern approach to educational course deployment.

During the 2018-19 winter ski season, two educational programs have been chosen to beta test the new Event e-commerce system.   Avalanche and OET both teach courses that require paying fees.  Between the two departments, over five hundred Ski Patroller members attend a variety of courses.  Some events cost as low as $40/day for a Toboggan Training day.  High-end Avalanche certification courses can sell for as high as $400.

After the season concludes, Eastern Division is committed to scaling the Patroller School Event Management System to all other educational departments.  The goal is to simplify course deployment around the division’s territory for both the Instructors organizing the events as well as for the regular Patroller member looking to join a training event.