OET Chosen to Beta Test Patroller School Event Registrations

Outdoor Emergency Transportation, also known as OET, has been chosen by the Eastern Division Board of Directors as the beta testing program for the new Patroller School Event Management System. The system is designed to provide members and affiliates with a simple to search and easy to purchase educational course website. The goal is to help Ski Patrollers locate the type of courses they might be seeking for professional development and to get them registered and into the class with confirmation.

The Avalanche Program will also be participating in this first season beta test. Both programs were chosen because they operate the largest two fee-based educational programs within Eastern Division. One of the hallmarks for smoothing the customer’s purchasing experience is to provide Credit Card processing. This way students do not need to worry about mailing in checks or application forms. Everything related to purchasing and preparing for an NSP course will now be handled instantly online — from selecting choices to finalizing payments. The Event Management System processes participant’s registrations and sends an email confirmation receipt with everything a student requires to get started with their course. Those taking Avalanche courses