FEMA Incident Command

FEMA Incident Command System is now a required online course for all Ski Patroller.  Most Patrollers will complete the FEMA IS-100 course, “Introduction to Incident Command System,”  during their OEC Course or patroller candidacy.  Other patrollers will be required to add additional FEMA courses such as IS-700, “Introduction to the National Incident Management System,” when pursuing MTR and Avalanche curriculum. 

National Ski Patrol members need to have an operational knowledge of the Federal Emergency Management Agencies principles for unifying inter-operability with emergency providers and overlapping jurisdictional command structures.  These online FEMA courses serve that purpose.  Three NSP relevant FEMA online courses are listed below.  Your course Instructor of Record (IOR) should direct you to the FEMA courses required for the curriculum that you might be pursuing 

Every student participating in the FEMA Online Instructional offerings is required to set up a “Student Identification Account” and receive a student ID number:

Setup a FEMA Student Account

Once your online Student ID has been verified, you may select the required course that brought you to the Patroller School FEMA page.  After completing both the course and taking the test, the government will offer you a printable “Certificate of Completion.”  Please print a copy and bring it to hand to your IOR.

FEMA IS-100.c


FEMA IS-700.b


The third FEMA course is optional for NSP members looking for a Senior Elective.  To achieve the new FEMA Senior Elective all three courses need to be combined together, Certificates of Completion need to be forwarded to the IOR, and all three need to be posted to the member’s NSP Educational Profile.

FEMA IS-200.b

ICS for Single Resources and Initial Actions Incidents

Please check with your IOR for submitting “Certificates of Completion.”  Every NSP member is required to show proof of completion on their educational profile.  Your IOR will help direct you to the NSP Course Credit Requisition system with a course number for  receiving credit.