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Matt Nebsydoski, OET Supervisor

The Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) program’s mission is to create an environment of learning that elevates the skills, ability, and techniques needed to safely and efficiently transport guests to a higher level of care.

OET provides NSP members with on-snow training for skiing, riding, telemark, and toboggan handling skills. Our Instructor-Trainers and Trainer-Evaluators deliver credentialed education and leadership training at local mountains, regional clinics, and division Patroller Schools events.

Discover more about the OET Program Organization by clicking the orange tile below.  The path to getting involved with the division OET program begins with becoming a Senior Patroller, select from one of the other tiles below, and let’s get started on the journey of becoming a credentialed Ski Patroller.

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Eastern Division is dedicated to bringing the best National Ski Patrol educational programs to members in the northeastern United States.  Patroller School was created to help program managers reach Ski Patrollers, and their affiliate members, locate and enroll in division sponsored events.  Our goal is to provide everyone with easy access to selecting and registering for courses.  We are interested in feedback from anyone who has attended any of our events.  Feedback is anonymous and goes directly to the Program Supervisor.  Please check out the following Improvement Questionnaires, fill out the survey and most importantly, take a little time to write us your thought.  Feedback from our users is valuable and gets action . . .